Group Lessons Ski
Children From 5 to 13 yrs
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group lessons

For children who have acquired FLOCON level , we offer  courses for all levels: from  1st star up to competition level.  Group lessons are a great way to approach  and learn to  ski and you get an excellent value for the price. This attractive option is ideal for children, working together in the group is the key to success.

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     location & times
 * 14h30-17h00  from the 5th of February 2023

Lognan/Grands Montets & Le Tour ski areas
Our prices
Children group lessons (from 1st star level)
Period 1Period 2
1 morning or afternoon  classes40 €45 €
3 morning or afternoon classes120 €135 €
5 morning classes175 €209 €
5 afternoon classes159 €169 €
5 full day classes299 €336 €
6 morning classes175 €209 €
6 afternoon classes159 €169 €
6 full day classes299 €336 €
Ski: 1*, 2**, 3***, bronze *, gold *, Team Rider

ski +  "Teddy lunch"

This formula has been created to allow children to enjoy and make the most of the mountains.
It includes ski lessons, lunch in a restaurant and the practice of outdoor activities before and after lunch. Children can play in or outside, read books, watch movies and play games. Lunch is provided in a restaurant in Argentiere, pledge to our customers for a quality meal.
The Ski +Teddy lunch option is available in half-day- morning or afternoon- and  full day.  This formula can be booked either daily or by the week, allowing maximum freedom  for the parents,  who can ski all day while  their kids benefit from a serious and playful time with other children.
This formula applies to all ski children lessonsexcept for Mini Club Piou Piou.
Ski lesson + lunch 
Teddy lunch
Period 1Period 2
1 half day morning or afternoon
76 €84 €
1 full day116 €126 €
3 half days morning or afternoon
228 €252 €
3 full days348 €378 €
6 half days (morning) at LOGNAN LES GRANDS MONTETS355 €405 €
6 half days (morning) at LE TOUR COL DE BALME355 €405 €
6 half days (afternoon) at LOGNAN LES GRANDS MONTETS340 €360 €
6 half days (afternoon) at LE TOUR COL DE BALME340 €360 €
6 full days at LOGNAN LES GRANDS MONTETS480 €530 €
6 full days at LE TOUR COL DE BALME480 €530 €
Half day : 9h15 to 14h or 12h to 16h30/17h
Full day : 9h15 to 16h30/17h
Ski Passes
Children ski pass                                                          LOGNAN
1*  No pass needed at the beginning of the week,    then CHOSALETS*
2**CHOSALETS* beginning of the week,
then Chamonix Le Pass
3***, Bronze & Gold Star & Team RiderCHAMONIX LE PASS
* Chosalet lift pass to be bought @ the ESF Lognan office directly
Children ski pass                                                         LE TOUR
2**Beginning of the week Vormaine,
then Chamonix le Pass
3***, Bronze & Gold starCHAMONIX LE PASS
dates & times
 4th  January  to 4th February 2023  
7th March to 8th April 2023

 17th December2022  to  3rd January 2023  
 4th February to 6th March 2023
8th April to 30th April 2023
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