Teens From 14 to 17 yrs
Club ESF Competition
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Teens from 14  to 18 yrs

Starting from a Silver Arrow level, you can still continue to progress. This is a ludic, educational and tecnical course which will allow you to be well prepared to pass the  Arrow and Chamois tests. 
Moreover,  we will teach you about the enviroment and safety on the mountains. You will learn how to use a Transciver  (Appareil de Recherche de Victimes d’Avalanches) amongst other things to allow you to practice your passion in safety.
During the Easter Holidays we offer as well an intro to Ski Touring  course, spending a night in a Refuge if the conditions allow it.

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High season
1 cours129 €
5 cours469 €
6 cours487 €
Club ESF ÉLITE :  - Silver Arrow required
Timetables : 9:15am to 4:30pm
Lognan Les Grands Montets area & le Tour area
+ 2 médailles (flèche & chamois)


18th December to 30th december 2022 
 5th February to 3rd March 2023
 9th April to 28th April 2023
Photos Credits : ©ESF Argentière / Agence Zoom