Texte d'introduction

welcome to the kindergarden
from 3 years old

Here is your playground!  All your new friends are  there. They will show you what you are going to learn with them.

"With Piou Piou, I discover the  snow. "I'm moving on the snow  by foot and on skis. Like grown ups, I learn how to put on and take off my skis alone!  I learn how to make a snowman,  to sledge, to do my first steps on skis and  I discover all my small ski equipment!

"With Blanchot, I make my first slides. "I train to slowly climb  up the track. I learn to slide gently down the slope ...!

"With Sifflote, I slide and I control my speed. "I am learning to go down the slope in snowplough. And I even know how to  overcome some obstacles! Doing some slides, little jumps and snowplough I join Sifflote to help him build an igloo.

"To avoid Garolou I know  how to change direction. "With my skis, I learn to make turns, left and right. That way, I avoid the nest of Garolou on my way!

"With Titourson, I'm doing  great! "Now I know how to do many things alone: ​​take the lifts, control my speed, snowplough, make turns and stop. I can even follow my parents on green slopes.
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Photos Credits : ©ESF Argentière / Agence Zoom
Young children From 3 yrs old