Texte d'introduction

welcome to the kindergarden

Here is your playground!  All your new friends are  there. They will show you what you are going to learn with them.

"With Piou Piou, I discover the  snow. "I'm moving on the snow  by foot and on skis. Like grown ups, I learn how to put on and take off my skis alone!  I learn how to make a snowman,  to sledge, to do my first steps on skis and  I discover all my small ski equipment!

"With Blanchot, I make my first slides. "I train to slowly climb  up the track. I learn to slide gently down the slope ...!

"With Sifflote, I slide and I control my speed. "I am learning to go down the slope in snowplough. And I even know how to  overcome some obstacles! Doing some slides, little jumps and snowplough I join Sifflote to help him build an igloo.

"To avoid Garolou I know  how to change direction. "With my skis, I learn to make turns, left and right. That way, I avoid the nest of Garolou on my way!

"With Titourson, I'm doing  great! "Now I know how to do many things alone: ​​take the lifts, control my speed, snowplough, make turns and stop. I can even follow my parents on green slopes.
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Photos Credits : ©ESF Argentière / Agence Zoom
Ligne graphique et coordination par Stargraf
Agence E Commerce Lyon : Valraiso
Young children From 3 yrs old