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Teens / Adults From 13 yrs
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group lessons

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Group lessons are a great way to approach and learn to ski and you get an excellent value for the price. This attractive option is ideal for all ages, working together in the group is the key to success.

Location & times
 MORNINGS only :  9h15 à 11h45

Holiday period : Argentière  & le Tour
Off Holiday :  Argentière

6 classes : Sunday > Friday
5 classes: Monday > Friday

Our prices
Group lessons
Period 1Period 2
1 morning class40 €45 €
3 morning classes115 €115 €
5 morning classes165 €195 €
6 morning classes165 €195 €
ADULTS : Beginner, Classe 1, 2 & 3
Hours : 9h15 - 12h00
Ski Passes
Adults ski pass                                                          LOGNAN
Beginner, Level 1 CHOSALETS
Level 4 & ExpertCHAMONIX LE PASS
Adults ski pass                                                           LE TOUR
Beginner, Level 1VORMAINE
Level 2 & 3 Chamonix le Pass
Nos tarifs
Expert   level  :  only  during   Christmas   &   February    holidays
5 classes
 235 €255 €
6 classes235 €255 €
We offera big range of group lessons, including  Downhill Skiing, Nordic Skiing and Snowboarding, allowing everyone to choose their activity.
In order to ensure the quality of our lessons, the children and early teenagers group lessons are restricted to 12 students , while the adult group lessons are restricted to 10 students per class.
All groups are subject to a +2/-2 students tolerance due to last minute changes on levels and registrations.   
Group lessons  are available at both Lognan/ Grands Montets and Le Tour ski areas.
There are two fixed times for the lessons depending on the period of visit.
During the high season - Christmas and February holidays- group lessons take place from Sunday to Friday, morning and afternoon in both areas.
On the low season group lessons are usually offered at the Lognan/Grands Montets ski area in the morning and at Le Tour/Balme  ski area in the afternoon.
Group lessons are taught mostly in French but due to the high presence of foreign customers,  we have multingual skiing instructors to ensure the courses can be done alternately in both languages in order to satisfy our customers needs.

* This program can be subject to change depending on the weather and snow conditions. Please check at the arrival
We recommend our customers to book their group  lessons in advance during peak periods as we have limited spaces available.
13th December > 19th December 2020  
 3th January > 6th February 2021  
6th March >2th May 2021 

 20th December2019 > 2th January 2021  
 7th February > 6th March 2021

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